REsidential Cleaning services

  • Kitchen Clean

  • Clean & Sanitize Bathroom

  • Bedroom Clean

  • Bathroom Clean

  • Strip & Makes Beds

Our cleaning professionals will come into your home and clean every surface until it shines often uncovering dirt that you often may not see or no longer notice. With a critical -eye to cracks and crevices that other companies miss.
FACT: Clean homes stay clean longer and are far easier to maintain.

      You"ll want to hire maid service                          that is Trustworthy.

We provide all equipment and supplies at (no extra charge).
We use microfiber cloths and mops instead of cotton or paper. Microfiber uses a scientific weave that is more effective at removing dust, dirt, germs, grease and lime safely and effectively. Microfiber cloths las longer that traditional cloths,reducing environmental impact.
We offer Weekly - Bi-weekly Monthly and one time cleanings.
Same cleaning crew each time.
Efficient (3) person teams.

         At No Additional Charge   
               (upon request)
  * For your convenience we offer      environmentally cleaning supplies

  * Help with light laundry "if time  allows.

The Way You Want It Guaranteed!
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